There have been big changes over at Fairy Dreams.

We are now on two grids : The Great Canadian Grid and The Discovery Grid.

On GCG we have our Fairy Dreams store opened on the Fairy Dreams region. We also have some of our items on the GCG Gloebit 3 region.

On the Discovery Grid we will be set up a bit differently with different pricing and layout. Mainly due to the difference in the currency exchange rate on the different grids.

We have a lot of inventory now including clothing, hair, shoes, jewelry and accessories for men and women. And we are adding more all the time.

To visit the GCG  region go to Dreams

To visit the GCG Clutterfly freebies go to

To visit the Discovery Grid Fairy Dreams store go to Fairy Island

To visit the Discovery Grid Clutterfly freebies go to Clutterfly