Please Seat Yourself

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Just put out today…. Porch Swings. They swing and have single sits enough for two people as well as couples cuddles. They are for sale at Fairy Dreams in the outdoor living section. And you can buy them with Gloebits. This uses the magic sit system so there are no ugly poseballs. Each pillow has 15 sit animations. And there are 8 couples animations in this swing.


Find us on the Clutterfly region of the Discovery Grid. ttp:// Clutterfly   This is a Gloebit enabled region so you can purchase your items and take them back to your home grid.





And we have even more places to seat yourself……………


This hanging porch chair has 6 female sits and 6 male sits. This also uses the magic sit system so no poseballs; you just sit. It comes in 6 different color/patterned cushions to choose from.


This lovely little beach chair comes with a matching side table. This has 10 female sits and 7 male sits and it uses the PMAC system. If you aren’t sure that this system works on your grid come and pick up the free beach towel we have out and take the towel back to your grid and try it. PMAC means no ugly poseballs. This beach chair has 10 colors for you to choose from.


Here is a place to sit under a tree. In fact the tree is part of it. This tree seat has 19 female sits and 12 male sits using the PMAC system. You can choose from 3 different colors.


A seat that doesn’t look like a seat. This is our “Sitting Rock” It uses the PMAC system and has 10 sits.


This one is called “Picnic with Squirrels”. It uses the Magic Sit scripts and has 7 sits. Perfect for placing in your yard or any outdoor area.



A cuddle pond! The pond itself has the PMAC scripts and you just click on the pond to sit. It has 11 male, 15 female and 19 couples animations. But that’s not all. … The pond also comes with 3 pond blankets that are not linked and they can be moved around anywhere. They are also good for setting on docks or sides of pools or decks for extra seating. The pond blankets have 10 sit animations.


And every outdoor space needs a good hot tub. These seat up to 6 people. Each pillow around the edge allows for single sits and for the avatar to pick their own sit. They have the Magic sit script in them. The hot tub main frame has the PMAC scripts for some couples animations. The hot tubs come in four colors.

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